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Runescape is complex game but is also extremely interesting and addictive. There are just so many monsters to be slain, too many quests to be completed, and too much gold to be collected. New features and tasks and powers keep getting added to the game, so there is always something new to do and use each time you log in.

The game has been around for more than a decade. It was launched in 2001 and was an instant success. Since then hundreds and thousands of players all over the world have taken to it and they remain dedicated and faithful fans till date. These players are basically experts and have developed remarkably advanced accounts.


New players to the game can either buy free accounts or pay five dollars a month for the paid accounts. Paid accounts entitle you to an unrestricted access all the features of the game. But new players generally find it difficult to get started. The game universe can be intimidating. All the tutorials and guides demand a lot of time and patience. Besides, it takes time to get used to the play-keys and combinations. But what is worse yet for these players is the fact that game veterans, the ones with advanced accounts, can repeatedly destroy your avatar even before one goes too far. Think of them as bullies who haze new students on the campus.

We offer a solution to this problem. We have free RuneScape accounts whose avatars are already expert players with multiple powers and weapons. With these accounts, you skip the lengthy tutorials and scare potential bullies. This gives you time to explore the RuneScape universe and becoming a RuneScape veteran yourself. To download our free accounts, all you have to do is to complete a survey and we will send the details to you. It’s that easy. So activate your free RuneScape account today and get RuneScaping today.

Runescape is a popular MMORPG aka Massively Multiplayer On-line Role Playing Game which was released by Andrew and Paul Gower in January 2001. Anybody can easily sign up for a free runescape account.

MMORPGs are the new way youngsters and often middle aged men and women socialize and hang out with their virtual mates. Games like Runescape have revolutionized the gaming market, or online gaming market as I should say as they transform the worlds of the players into one of fantasy and often virtual paradise. All you need is a free runescape account  and you are all set to stir away your boredom.

Prominent Features of Runescape:

  • A paid MMORPG with free accounts available at some websites
  • Browser based and hence can be played on any PC at any time from wherever you left last, also, no downloading required
  • One of the oldest MMORPs which still has an active community

And there is more that you get by signing up for a runescape account. It isn’t all about your social life. Runescape is an action based MMORPG and the combat element is its biggest selling point. The combat against the Kalphite King for instance is one of the latest developments in Runescape. And you need not fight each battle alone, you can even have your own clan to support you as you play the game.

runecape accounts for freeThis game is an open world and evolving MMORPG where the world its residents reside in built and directed by them and not governed entirely by in advance. Even the combat system is semi real time.To salivate graphics lovers, this MMORPG has a huge range of graphics options which allow running it on fairly modest hardware while still being capable of using mid-range hardware for computer geeks and graphics lovers.Over the last few years, Runescape has even tied up with Facebook and it is clear to all of us that the world and the internet is heading towards of a socialized and digitized world. To get your own free runescape account, log on to: